better life for animals
Year 2022
Company Freelance
Category Social Media,
Project Goal

The founder of Better Life for Animals approached me because she needed help with managing the social media, particularly with the communication strategy and the online brand.

The main issue was that she had no clear strategy and felt like the message of BLFA's mission became lost and incoherent.

After carrying an overview of the non-profit's online presence, I narrowed down the stages of the project to work on each aspect that needed work:

1- Develop the communication strategy by analysing the core essence of the organisation and establishing the mission, vision, and value.

2- Identify our buyer persona and our target audience: children from 5-15 & parents.

3- Create a digital brandbook so all content is cohesive, recognisable, and follows the brand guidelines.

After we finalised the communication and brand strategy, we began working on the content plan and strategy, as well as creating content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


We're still on early stages of establishing the brand online and re-visiting the marketing strategy, but please feel free to check out the Instagram page, where I'm working as the community manager. Check out the results so far below: