la galería estudio
Year 2022
Company La Galería Estudio
Category Web design,
Social media strategy,
Content creation
web design & management

One of the goals of La Galería Estudio, the studio where I interned as a Community Manager for three months, was to polish and perfect their website, which they use as a portfolio for their work and projects.

After analysing the current state of the website and researching for inspiration, I presented my boss with a list of ideas and actions to take in order to improve the quality of the website and the user’s experience.

Here are some of the changes and implementations that took place:

  • SEO implementation to the entire website (pages and portfolio entries)
  • Addition of the ‘Services’ and ‘About Us’ pages: fully-responsive and visually attractive pages to add value to the user’s experience and attract more clients
  • Updating and adding projects: creating portfolio pages for recent projects, keeping the layout and image quality in mind
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social media

As part of the internship, I also curated and created content for the company's Instagram page.

As always, I began the content strategy and plan by carrying out an audit and analyzing the current state of their account - I then processed the data results and informed the studio on what things we could do to improve their engagement, expand as a business, and hit all of their social media goals. I also included a market research section with competitors and references. When we agreed on the direction, I crafted the final content plan and began creating conscious content (or posting previously made material).

At the end of the three months, I carried through another brief audit which showed a significant increase in engagement on all types of posts, +13.8% followers, and +31.5% website visits - very satisfying!


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