ben lustenhouwer
Year 2022
Company Freelance
Category Social Media
Project Goal

Ben Lustenhouwer, an incredibly talented portrait painter, approached me because he needed help with managing his social media and streaming platforms. 

Ben had been posting painting tutorials on YouTube for almost 8 years and has amassed over 190K followers and a legion of dedicated students and fans.

However, he needed help stabilising his monthly income and managing his social profiles.

This was an exciting project for me because it involved working on YouTube, one of my favourite platforms to work with.

I began the process by analysing his YouTube and Instagram data, to determine user and follower behaviour, and went on to create the strategy from there.


While Ben's main objective is a continuous one, in only 1.5 months we have achieved (compared to the previous period):

Instagram: Reach: +208% | Engagement: +43.6% | Followers: +21.6% | Profile visits: +101% | Website taps: +245%

YouTube: 33K more views than usual | +6.6K subscribers | +0.6% average impression click-through rate (total: 2.6%)

Needless to say, I'm extremely happy with the results so far!